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Pokemon V Battle Deck Bundle Rayquaza vs Noivern
Pokemon - Bundle di mazzi di battaglia V - Rayquaza vs Noivern
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Pokemon Cosmic Eclipse Kyogre Theme Deck
Pokemon - Cosmic Eclipse - Kyogre Theme Deck
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Pokemon Cosmic Eclipse Goudron Theme Deck
Pokemon - Cosmic Eclipse - Goudron Theme Deck
Prezzo scontato€14,95 Prezzo€17,95

Pokemon Decks

Pokemon decks can be based on specific themes such as a certain Pokemon type (grass, water, ...). Pokemon decks can also be made according to certain professional decks used during international tournaments.

Pokemon Theme Deck Advantages

With the ready-made Pokemon theme decks, you can focus on learning the rules. The Pokemon Trading Card Game is complicated and has many rules. Also, these rules can change and, for example, on a regular basis certain Pokemon cards are banned from the TCG. With these Pokemon theme decks, you don't have to worry about all these changes and you can learn everything about the game.

How is a Pokemon Battle Deck constructed?

  • A deck has exactly 60 cards.
  • A deck may contain no more than 4 eponymous cards.
  • You may have a maximum of 1 Prism card in your deck.
  • It is best to choose a maximum of 2 energy types from your energy cards. This makes it more likely that the energy cards will match your Pokemon's attacks.
  • Your deck should have between 15 and 19 energy cards.
  • The deck should have between 13 and 20 trainer cards.
  • Add Pokemon until you reach exactly 60 cards.

Depending on your final strategy, you can choose how many of each of the suggested number of energy and trainer cards you take. We also recommend that you always read the cards carefully, as there are often additional effects listed on the cards. Make it easy on yourself and buy a pre-made Pokemon Battle Deck at Pokeflip.

Buying a Pokemon Deck

Of course, you are free to put together your own deck. Yet this is not always obvious, as there are a lot of rules involved. Especially for beginners, it's not a bad choice to buy a Pokemon Deck. Such a deck immediately gives you a good composition of the right energy, trainer and Pokemon cards. In a deck, you get 60 well-composed cards, cards that contain information, a flip coin, damage counters, an instruction manual with strategies you can employ, and a box to store your deck in.

Interested in buying a Pokemon deck? We have some very interesting theme decks that we sell at competitive prices. Take a look at them!

We also sell Pokemon elite trainer boxes, Pokemon booster boxes and Pokemon tins at great prices!

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