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Crown Zenith Premium Figure Collection Shiny Zacian

Introducing the coveted Zacian, a highly sought-after shiny legendary Pokemon! Now, as a shiny Pokemon V, you have the opportunity to welcome him into your collection. Not only that, but this star Pokemon also graces you with a finely detailed figure and a gleaming pin, making this a truly special addition to your Pokemon treasures.

At its heart lies shiny Zacian, now available as a magnificent Pokemon V card. This elusive and resplendent Pokemon is ready to join your collection, exuding an aura of grandeur and power.

This premium figure collection includes an intricately detailed premium figure of shiny Zacian, capturing every majestic detail of this legendary Pokemon. Showcase it with pride and admire its splendor on display.

Unleash the brilliance of this rare Pokemon, seize the cosmic splendor, and claim the Crown Zenith premium figure collection shiny Zacian today!

This Crown Zenith Premium Figure Collection Shiny Zacian includes:
  • 11 Crown Zenith Booster Packs
  • etched promo card featuring Shiny Zacian V
  • 1 Shiny figurine of Shiny Zacian V
  • 1 Shiny pin of Shiny Zacian V
  • 1 set of card sleeves

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