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Begin your journey with the Astral Radiance 3 Pack Blister Eevee !

Introducing the Astral Radiance 3 Pack Blister featuring Eevee! Dive into the enchanting world of Pokemon with this exceptional blister. Each blister contains 3 booster packs, each brimming with the possibility of discovering rare and powerful cards.

Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon, is a versatile and beloved creature. With the ability to evolve into multiple forms, Eevee captures the hearts of trainers worldwide. Its adaptable nature and cute appearance make it a popular companion. Eevee's potential for evolution holds endless possibilities, making it a fascinating and sought-after Pokemon.

Unleash the magic of Eevee and its evolutions as you embark on thrilling battles and epic adventures. With its stunning artwork and captivating design, this Astral Radiance 3 Pack Blister is a must-have for collectors and trainers alike. Start your journey to become a Pokemon Master today and seize the radiant power of Eevee!

This Pokemon Sword & Shield Astral Radiance 3 Pack Blister Eevee includes:
  • 3 Astral Radiance Booster Packs
  • 1 Eevee Foil Promo Card
  • A Collectible Coin

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