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Embrace your Battle Style with the Jolteon 3 Pack Blister!

Unleash the electrifying power of Jolteon with the Battle Styles 3 pack blister! Get ready to energize your battles with this Jolteon blister.

Inside each blister pack, you'll find 3 booster packs packed with the potential to secure rare cards. Whether you prefer the lightning-fast strikes of the Rapid Strike or the shocking force of the Single Strike, this blister pack empowers you to master your chosen combat style.

Jolteon, the Electric-type Pokemon, crackles with an electrifying energy. Evolving from Eevee with the help of a Thunder Stone, Jolteon possesses lightning-fast reflexes and sharp spiky fur that can discharge powerful electric shocks. Its agility and potent Thunderbolt attacks make Jolteon a formidable force on the battlefield, dazzling opponents with its stunning speed and power.

The Battle Styles 3 pack blister featuring Jolteon is a must-have for collectors and trainers seeking an electrifying Pokemon experience. Prepare to charge into battles and reign supreme!

This Pokemon Sword & Shield Battle Styles 3 Pack Blister Jolteon includes:
  • 3 Battle Styles Booster Packs
  • Jolteon holo card
  • Game coin

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