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Battle Styles Booster Box

Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of Pokemon battles with the Battle Styles booster box. Experience the dynamic combat styles as you unleash the power within.

Packed with Battle Styles booster packs, this booster box holds the key to rare and powerful cards. Whether you choose the lightning-fast strikes of the Rapid Strike or the relentless force of the Single Strike, this booster box empowers you to master diverse battle strategies. The Battle Styles Booster Box is a must-have for collectors and trainers seeking an exhilarating Pokemon journey.

Prepare for epic battles, discover new tactics, and rise to the top of the Pokemon realm. Get your Battle Styles booster box today and embrace the art of combat!

This Pokemon Sword & Shield Battle Styles Booster Box includes:
  • 36 Battle Styles Booster Packs, each pack contains 10 random Pokemon cards.

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