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Crown Zenith Morpeko V Union Box

Under the rousing encouragement of trainer Marnie, Morpeko charges into the fray, an electrifying force to be reckoned with! The Morpeko V Union box presents exclusive promo cards, providing all the essential components to construct Morpeko V Union and unleash its formidable arsenal of four devastating attacks. Prepare for an electrifying showdown like never before!

Inspired by the Crown Zenith expansion, this exclusive V Union box delivers a transcendent experience like no other. Inside the Crown Zenith Morpeko V Union box, you'll find a collection of premium cards, carefully curated to elevate your Pokemon battles to a new level. Immerse yourself in the captivating artwork that captures the essence of this extraordinary Pokemon.

But the wonders don't end there - this exclusive box holds an astonishing jumbo-sized Morpeko V Union card, exuding grandeur and commanding attention in every duel. Display it with pride and let the world witness your mastery of Crown Zenith's mightiest Pokemon!

This Crown Zenith Morpeko V Union Box includes:
  • 5 Crown Zenith Booster Packs
  • etched promo cards that make up a single Morpeko V Union card
  • 1 oversized card featuring Morpeko V Union
  • 1 helpful Supporter card featuring Professor Burnet
  • 1 playmat featuring Marnie and Morpeko
  • 1 code card for Pokemon TCG Live

Meet Morpeko, the charming and dynamic Pokemon with a dual personality! This adorable creature has the ability to change forms, shifting between its Full Belly Mode and Hangry Mode. Its Full Belly Mode exudes a playful and friendly demeanor, while the Hangry Mode reveals a mischievous and energetic side. Morpeko's captivating ability to switch between moods makes it an endearing and unpredictable companion on any Pokemon journey.

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