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Crown Zenith Regidrago V Box

Discover the power of the Dragon-type Regidrago in this Crown Zenith V Box ! Delve into the realm of ancient powers and unlock the secrets of Regidrago.

At the heart of this V box lies the mighty Regidrago V, presented as an exclusive promo card. This legendary Pokemon exudes a profound aura of ancient strength and cosmic energy. This box also holds 4 booster packs from the Crown Zenith expansion, where you'll encounter rare cards, Pokemon V, and VMAX.

Explore the wonders of the Crown Zenith expansion, and immerse yourself in the cosmic energy that emanates from the Pokemon world.

This Crown Zenith Regidrago V Box includes:
  • 1 foil promo card featuring Regidrago V
  • 1 foil card featuring Regidrago
  • 1 foil oversized card featuring Regidrago V
  • 4 Crown Zenith booster packs
  • 1 code card for Pokemon TCG Live

Regidrago, the enigmatic and ancient Pokemon, holds the secrets of cosmic energy within its core. As a guardian of ancient wisdom, it commands the forces of creation and destruction. With an aura that resonates through time, Regidrago stands as a symbol of profound mysteries and celestial power in the Pokemon world.

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