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Evolving Skies 3 Pack Blister Eiscue

Introducing the ultimate addition to any Pokemon collection - the Pokemon Evolving Skies 3 pack blister featuring the charming and enigmatic Eiscue!

Begin your collection on a high note by acquiring a trio of Evolving Skies booster packs simultaneously. Alongside this, enjoy an extra treat in the form of a captivating card showcasing Eiscue, accompanied by a unique game coin.

Witness the entire spectrum of Eevee's Evolutions through a splendid array of Pokemon V and Pokemon VMAX, heralding a vibrant and promising era in the world of Pokemon Evolving Skies!

Discover a vibrant rainbow of Pokemon cards, each beautifully showcasing Eevee's fascinating evolutions. Unleash their power, witness their evolution, and dominate your opponents in epic battles with the might of Eiscue by your side.

This Pokemon Sword & Shield Evolving Skies 3 Pack Blister Eiscue includes:
  • 3 Evolving Skies Booster Packs
  • Eiscue holo card
  • Game coin

Meet Eiscue, the charming and enigmatic Ice Face Pokemon! With a captivating icy exterior that hides its true emotions, Eiscue's unique ability makes it an unpredictable and exciting partner in battles. Unleash its frosty powers and embrace the enigma that is Eiscue in your Pokemon adventures!

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