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Pokemon GO Premium Collection Radiant Eevee

Radiate with the enchanting magic of Eevee in the Pokemon GO premium collection - Radiant Eevee! Step into the radiant world of Pokemon GO with this captivating collection, designed to celebrate the versatility and charm of the Evolution Pokemon, Eevee.

Inside the Radiant Eevee premium collection, you'll find an array of treasures that will take your Pokemon GO experience to new heights. At the heart of this collection is a stunning full-art promo card featuring Eevee in all its radiant splendor, showcasing the beauty and allure of this beloved Pokemon.

But that's not all - this premium collection also includes a breathtaking Eevee pin, perfect for displaying your affection for this iconic Pokemon on your backpack, lanyard, or wherever you choose. The collection also boasts a vibrant and beautifully illustrated playmat, adding a touch of magic to your battles and trade sessions.

To further enhance your Pokemon GO adventures, the Radiant Eevee premium collection offers 8 Pokemon GO booster packs.

This Pokemon GO Premium Collection Radiant Eevee includes:
  • A foil promo card featuring Radiant Eevee
  • A deluxe pin featuring Radiant Eevee
  • A playmat with artwork featuring Radiant Eevee
  • 8 Pokemon GO booster packs
  • A code card usable in either the Pokemon TCG Online or Pokemon TCG Live

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