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Lost Origin 3 Pack Blister Regigigas

Unveil the ancient power of Regigigas with the Pokemon Lost Origin 3 pack blister! Step into a realm where legends come to life and uncover the might of this colossal legendary Pokemon.

Open the blister to reveal not only the exclusive Regigigas promo card but also 3 exciting Pokemon Lost Origin booster packs. Each pack holds the potential to uncover rare and powerful cards, giving your deck an extraordinary boost and adding depth to your collection.

Embrace the legacy of Regigigas as you hold this blister in your hands, feeling the ancient energy resonate within you. Set forth on an epic quest, capture the essence of Lost Origin, and become a legendary trainer with Regigigas by your side.

Uncover the secrets of the past, discover the lost origins, and ignite the spark of adventure with the Pokemon Lost Origin 3 pack blister featuring Regigigas.

This Pokemon Lost Origin 3 Pack Blister Regigigas includes:
  • 3 Pokemon Lost Origin booster packs
  • 1 collectible coin
  • 1 promo card of Regigigas

Regigigas, the colossal legendary Pokemon, awakens from its slumber after ages of rest. Its raw power is unmatched, capable of moving continents with ease. A master of strength and endurance, Regigigas stands as a testament to the ancient mysteries that envelop the Pokemon world.

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