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Lost Origin 3 Pack Blister Weavile

Unlock the enigmatic power of Weavile with the Pokemon Lost Origin 3 pack blister! Embark on a journey into the shadows and discover the cunning abilities of this elusive Dark and Ice-type Pokemon.

Inside this captivating blister pack awaits the elusive Weavile, a master of stealth and swift strikes. Its dark prowess and icy cunning make it a formidable addition to any trainer's team.

Reveal the exclusive Weavile promo card, along with 3 thrilling Pokemon Lost Origin booster packs. Unleash the darkness within as you uncover rare cards to enhance your deck and enrich your collection.

Embrace the shadowy allure of Weavile as you hold this blister in your hands, feeling the mysterious aura surround you.

This Pokemon Lost Origin 3 Pack Blister Weavile includes:
  • 3 Pokemon Lost Origin booster packs
  • 1 collectible coin
  • 1 promo card of Weavile

Weavile, the cunning Dark and Ice-type Pokemon, strikes from the shadows with unmatched swiftness. Its agility and intelligence make it a formidable hunter and a master of tactical moves. Beware its icy blades and cunning tricks as you face this elusive and powerful creature in battle!

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