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Obsidian Flames Booster Box

Introducing the Pokemon Obsidian Flames booster box – where the essence of fire and the allure of darkness converge to create an unparalleled experience! Unleash the intensity of these scorching new cards as you traverse the realms of power and mystery.

Within this booster box, you'll discover a treasure trove of stunning, never-before-seen Pokemon cards that harness the primal forces of fire and shadow. The Obsidian Flames booster box promises to breathe new life into your collection, setting it ablaze with rarity and uniqueness.

With a fusion of darkness and fire types, this booster box beckons you to explore the untamed synergy between these opposing elements, forging decks that are as unpredictable as they are formidable.

Set your collection ablaze and immerse yourself in the allure of the unknown. The Pokemon Obsidian Flames booster box awaits, promising an adventure that burns bright and casts shadows that linger long after the battles are won. Embrace the fire, embrace the darkness – your journey starts now.

This Obsidian Flames booster box includes:
  • A sealed booster box containing 36 sealed booster packs each containing 10 random cards and 1 Basic Energy from the Obsidian Flames expansion.

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