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Scarlet & Violet 3 Pack Blister Arcanine

Introducing the awe-inspiring Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 3 pack blister Arcanine - a fiery fusion of strength, elegance, and sheer magnificence! Embrace the scorching power of Arcanine as it blazes its way into your Pokemon collection, leaving a trail of wonder and excitement in its wake.

Unleash the flames of passion as you unwrap this 3 pack blister. Inside, you'll discover a beautiful Arcanine promo card and 3 booster packs from the Scarlet & Violet expansion.

Harness the unparalleled strength of Arcanine as you spar with friends, embark on thrilling adventures, and vie for victory in the Pokemon arena.

This Scarlet & Violet 3 Pack Blister Arcanine includes:
  • 3 Scarlet & Violet booster packs
  • 1 promo card featuring Arcanine

With a majestic presence and a blazing mane, Arcanine commands respect as the legendary Pokemon. Its unmatched speed and fiery breath make it a fierce protector and a loyal companion. Arcanine's noble nature and captivating charm have earned it a special place in every trainer's heart.

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