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Scarlet & Violet Booster Box

Unleash the enchanting aura of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with this booster box! Step into a world brimming with vibrant hues and powerful Pokemon, as you embark on an extraordinary adventure.

Inside this booster box, you'll find a treasure trove of Scarlet & Violet booster packs, each housing a plethora of surprises. Unwrap the artistic brilliance of Scarlet & Violet-inspired card artwork, bringing to life the majesty and allure of legendary Pokemon.

Containing 36 Scarlet & Violet booster packs, this booster box is perfect to collect all cards from this expansion. Boost your collection with an array of powerful and rare cards, introducing new possibilities and strategies to your battles.

Experience the thrill of opening each pack, discovering the secrets within, and feeling the anticipation as you unveil your newest additions. Join in the excitement with friends, trading and battling with these awe-inspiring Scarlet & Violet cards, igniting a spark of camaraderie that only the Pokemon world can evoke.

This Scarlet & Violet booster box includes:
  • A sealed booster box containing 36 sealed booster packs each containing 10 random cards and 1 Basic Energy from the Scarlet & Violet expansion.

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