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Shining Fates Mad Party Dedenne Pin

Join the festivities with the delightful Pokemon Shining Fates Mad Party Dedenne pin!

With a spark of mischief in its eyes, Dedenne invites you to revel in the magic of the Mad Party. Beautifully designed with a glossy finish, this pin exudes charm and captures the essence of this Electric/Fairy-type Pokemon.

Wear it proudly, and let the enchantment of Dedenne accompany you on every thrilling Pokemon adventure. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a devoted Pokemon fan, this pin is a must-have treasure that will light up your heart and collection alike!

This Pokemon Shining Fates Mad Party Dedenne Pin includes:
  • 1 promo card: Dedenne
  • 1 bright enamel pin matching the star Pokemon
  • 3 Pokemon TCG: Shining Fates booster packs
  • A code card for the Pokemon Trading Card Game online

Meet Dedenne, the pint-sized Electric/Fairy-type Pokemon that packs a powerful punch! Don't be fooled by its cute appearance; Dedenne's electric sacs can generate intense shocks. This tiny rodent is not only an expert in electrical moves but also an adorable companion for any trainer. Get ready for a jolt of fun with Dedenne!

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