Pokemon - Shining Fates - Mini Tin Zarude & Eldegoss

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Shining Fates Mini Tin Zarude & Eldegoss

Venture into the lush wilderness with the Pokemon Shining Fates mini tin featuring Zarude & Eldegoss!

Within this enchanting mini tin reside two exceptional Pokemon, each emanating their own radiant brilliance. Zarude, the elusive Dark/Grass-type, commands the jungle with its swift agility and vines.

Eldegoss, the serene and nurturing Grass-type, spreads seeds of healing and renewal. Open the tin to reveal these enchanting creatures and add them to your collection.

Unleash the allure of compactness, collectability, and boundless power. This mini tin holds the key to a treasure trove of wild adventures and blossoming victories for any ambitious trainer!

This Pokemon Shining Fates Mini Tin Zarude & Eldegoss includes:
  • 2 Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates booster packs
  • 1 metallic Pokémon coin
  • A Pokémon art card showing the art from this Mini Tin - you can collect all 5!

Zarude, the enigmatic Dark/Grass-type Pokemon, is the untamed spirit of the jungle. With agility matching the swiftest of winds, it navigates through thick canopies using its sturdy vines. Deeply protective of its pack, Zarude's ferocity hides a nurturing side, making it a fiercely loyal companion and guardian of the forest.

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