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Shining Fates Premium Collection VMAX Shiny Crobat

Elevate your Pokemon collection with the extraordinary Shining Fates premium collection VMAX Shiny Crobat!

This remarkable premium collection showcases the awe-inspiring Crobat VMAX in all its shining glory. With its dazzling colors and formidable presence, this Dark/Flying-type Pokemon is ready to soar to new heights in battles.

Open the collection to reveal not only the stunning Crobat VMAX promo card but also an array of special treasures, including Crobat-themed accessories, additional booster packs, and a metallic coin featuring this enigmatic Pokemon.

Embrace the allure of the shiny Crobat VMAX and add a touch of darkness and brilliance to your deck. Whether you're a competitive player or a dedicated collector, this premium collection is a must-have addition to your Pokemon journey.

Unleash the power of Crobat VMAX and experience the thrill of conquering your opponents in battles that will be remembered for ages!

This Pokemon Shining Fates Premium VMAX Shiny Crobat includes:
  • 1 etched promo card featuring Shiny Crobat V
  • 1 etched promo card featuring Shiny Crobat VMAX
  • 1 oversize card featuring Shiny Crobat VMAX
  • 1 metallic coin featuring Crobat
  • 7 Pokémon TCG: Shining Fates booster packs
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

Crobat, the mysterious Dark/Flying-type Pokemon, soars stealthily through the night sky. With its silent wings and piercing fangs, it emerges from shadows to strike its prey with swift precision. As a fiercely loyal companion, Crobat's fierce devotion makes it an indomitable force to be reckoned with in any trainer's team.

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