Pokemon - Silver Tempest - 3 Pack Blister - Togetic

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Silver Tempest 3 Pack Blister Togetic

Embrace the whimsical charm of the Pokemon Silver Tempest 3 pack blister featuring the delightful Togetic!

This enchanting blister pack includes 3 Silver Tempest booster packs filled with surprises to elevate your collection. Togetic, the Fairy/Flying-type Pokemon, spreads joy and happiness wherever it goes with its magical aura.

Besides that, this blister contains a beautiful and unique Togetic promo card and a collectible coin.

Unleash the power of Togetic's gentle yet potent moves in your battles. Whether you're a devoted collector or a trainer seeking a touch of fairy magic, this blister pack is a treasure trove of wonders waiting to be explored! Let the tempest of enchantment sweep you away with Togetic by your side!

This Pokemon Silver Tempest 3 Pack Blister Togetic includes:
  • 3 Pokemon Silver Tempest booster packs
  • 1 collectible coin
  • 1 promo card of Togetic

Togetic, the endearing Fairy/Flying-type Pokemon, is a harbinger of happiness and joy. With its kind and caring nature, it spreads warmth and love wherever it goes, touching the hearts of all who encounter it. Its serene demeanor and magical abilities make it a cherished companion in any Pokemon journey.

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