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Sword & Shield 3 Pack Blister Morpeko

Embrace the electrifying allure of the Pokemon Sword & Shield 3 pack blister Morpeko!

This blister showcases the adorable Morpeko, the dual Electric/Dark-type Pokemon, poised to ignite excitement in your battles. Inside, discover 3 booster packs from the Sword & Shield series, each holding potential for rare and potent cards.

Morpeko's mischievous charm and formidable moves make it a valuable asset in any trainer's deck. Whether you're a devoted collector or a competitive player seeking an electrifying boost, this 3 pack blister opens the door to dynamic battles and unforgettable triumphs.

Embrace Morpeko's electric personality and unleash the jolt of excitement in your Pokemon journey!

This Pokemon Sword & Shield 3 Pack Blister Morpeko includes:
  • 3 Sword & Shield booster packs
  • A game coin
  • Morpeko holo card

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