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Champion's Path Turffield Gym Pin

Begin your quest at the renowned Turffield Gym led by Milo!

Earn the prestigious Gym badge, recruit the Gym Leaders' partner Pokemon, and unravel surprises in the included Pokemon Champion's Path booster packs. Begin your journey now and triumph over your rivals!

The Turffield gym pin includes an amazing Eldegoss promo card. Its cotton-like puffs are carried by the wind, spreading seeds for new life. Known for its healing properties, Eldegoss brings comfort and rejuvenation to those in need. Embrace its gentle charm and experience the magic of Eldegoss with the promo card.

This Pokemon Sword & Shield Champion's Path Turffield Gym Pin Collection includes:
  • 1 foil card featuring the Gym Leader’s partner Pokémon: Eldegoss
  • 1 collector’s pin featuring the Gym logo
  • 3 Pokémon TCG: Champion’s Path booster packs
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

Situated in the lush fields of the Galar region, Turffield Gym awaits aspiring trainers with its nature-inspired challenges. Led by the wise and nurturing Gym Leader, Milo, this Gym tests not only your battling skills but also your knowledge of the land's flora. Conquer Turffield Gym and bloom as a true Pokemon trainer.

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