Pokemon - V Battle Deck Bundle - Rayquaza vs Noivern

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Two Strong Pokémon V Stand Ready in the Rayquaza vs Noivern V Battle Deck Bundle!

Are you ready for a major Pokémon battle with a ready-to-play double deck bundle? This V Battle Deck bundle includes a deck for you and one friend, so you can play together. Choose either Rayquaza V or Noivern V to lead your team in a battle against each other! 

This V Battle Deck Bundle - Rayquaza vs Noivern includes:
  • ready-to-play V Battle Decks (60 cards each)
  • Each deck includes a powerful special Pokémon: Rayquaza V or Noivern V
  • additional Trainer cards, including 2 foil cards
  • large metallic coins
  • deck boxes
  • 2 quick guides to unlock the strategies within
  • single-player playmats
  • reference cards
  • Damage counters
  • guide about upgrading your decks
  • code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

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