Pokemon World Championships Series 2022

The Pokemon World Championship Series 2022 will be taking place in London, England. TPCI has set the date to August, but could still change according to the Covid-19 situation.

There is some new information regarding the age groups participating in the World Championship Series. According to the official statement, the age divisions for players will increase by one year. New divisions will look like this:

  • Junior division will have kids born in 2021 or later
  • Senior division will have players born between 2006 and 2009
  • Masters division will be those who were born before 2005

These changes don't come as a surprise since the event should've happened in 2020 but was postponed due to the pandemic. 

As a result of these changes, there will be players who will be placed in a higher division, but if a player was qualified for the World Championship as a Junior and now is a Senior, or was qualified as Senior and now is a Master, their qualification for the World Championship Day 1 will be maintained regardless of whether they meet the point threshold of their new age division.

The Championship Points or the CP earned by players in 2020 will be transferred to their totals in 2022. The 2020 CP will be added to the CP acquired in 2022. Apart from this, there is also some new information regarding CP thresholds.

  • Thursday - Players who reach the qualification threshold. Players who qualified for the World Championships in 2020 are still qualified for the 2022 event
  • Friday - Players who hit the CP qualification threshold. These thresholds will be set in 2021 and 2022, this information will be revealed soon.
Pokemon World Championships Series 2022

The Pokemon World Championship Series is where the best Pokemon players gather; it is an event filled with fun and enthusiasm. Though the event had to be postponed for a long time, it will be an amazing event filled with fun and ambiance. Better late than never!

The information regarding this Pokemon World Championship Series 2022 was released just recently by TPCI. There aren’t any more updates regarding the rules and the CP thresholds, but we will surely hear more in the coming months. Till then, keep polishing your Pokemon skills!

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