What is the Best Ever Pokemon GX Card?

What is the Best Ever Pokemon GX Card?

Pokemon cards are back from the past. They were never really gone. Today the collection consists of some 12,664 cards. Of those, just over 230 are Pokemon GX cards. Pokemon GX cards are not just any Pokemon cards. They are the "Ultra Beasts". The Pokemon in this collection have extra-powerful attacks and some traits that stand out. That's especially true for the 3 strongest ones!

What is a Pokemon GX Card?

A Pokemon GX card is a special type of Pokemon trading card introduced in the Pokemon TCG in the Sun & Moon series. GX cards are characterized by their powerful attacks, abilities, and high HP (Hit Points) compared to regular Pokemon cards.

When a Pokemon GX is knocked out in the TCG, the opponent takes two Prize cards instead of the usual one. GX cards often feature Pokemon in dynamic poses with intricate artwork, making them highly sought after by collectors and competitive players alike.

Characteristics of Pokemon GX Cards

This collection of cards is reminiscent of the Pokemon-EX series. This is not only because they have an X in their name but also because the creatures of both series are extremely powerful with a high HP value. Yet these Pokemon are not the same, so make no mistake.

Furthermore, they have an incredibly powerful attack. That attack is one of the biggest features of these Pokemon. It is also known as the new "GX attack" mechanic. These attacks have a big impact on the game. The GX Pokemon are new versions of existing Pokemon, but extra powerful.

Pros and cons of Pokemon GX cards

How do you use these special cards to your advantage? By using the GX cards strategically, these Pokemon can be of tremendous value to you. But beware! With powerful cards comes great responsibility. Are you knocked out? Your opponent may take 2 prize cards. So pay close attention.

The Pokemon GX's attacks can completely change a game. It's good to know that you can only use 1 per game. This is indicated by the GX marker. When you play a Pokemon from this series, you turn this marker over. That's how you know that your turn to play these GX cards is over. You'll have to wait until your next game to be able to attack again with one of your Pokemon GX.

The Best Pokemon GX Cards

There are a lot of strong Pokemon that have the GX type. But which of these is actually the strongest one? We list a top 3.

Lugia GX

Pokemon Lugia GX Lost Thunder

Lugia from the Lost Thunder expansion has tremendous value courtesy of her numerous attacks. The Lost Purge GX attack of this card is one of the best attacks in the entire TCG. This card can destroy a single opponent in one turn. The destroyed enemy is not sent to the discard pile, but to the lost zone. This is done along with all the associated cards. What does this mean? These cards cannot return to the game under any circumstances.

Dialga GX

Pokemon Dialga GX Forbidden Light

Dialga is a well-known Pokemon. It is known from the Forbidden Light expansion. Its strength lies in manipulating constant power. This card gives the trainer the power to immediately play a new turn. This not only gives the player another turn but also gives the player a chance to place additional energies and an attack. In addition, it also skips the opponent's turn, which can wreak havoc on their strategy.

Mewtwo & Mew GX

Pokemon Mewtwo & Mew GX

The name of this Pokemon scares many players. This card allows you to use attacks from other GX or EX cards on your bench or from your discard pile. So for example, this card can use the attacks of Dialga GX or Lugia GX when you play this card. This makes it the most versatile card among the GX Pokemon cards.

The Mewtwo & Mew GX Pokemon card is a must-have card and according to us, the best ever Pokemon GX card in the world.

How Much are Pokemon GX Cards Worth?

The value of Pokemon GX cards can vary widely depending on factors such as rarity, condition, demand, and the specific card in question. Generally, the value of a GX card can range anywhere from a few dollars to several hundred dollars or even more for particularly rare or sought-after cards.

Some of the key factors that can affect the value of a Pokemon GX card include:

  • Rarity: Cards that are more difficult to obtain are typically worth more. This includes rare GX cards that are less common in booster packs or promotional sets.
  • Condition: The condition of the card is crucial for determining its value. Cards in mint condition (no visible wear or damage) will generally be worth more than those that are heavily played or damaged.
  • Demand: The popularity and desirability of a particular Pokemon GX card can influence its value. Cards featuring iconic Pokemon or powerful abilities may command higher prices due to increased demand.
  • Set and Release: Some Pokemon TCG sets are more collectible or valuable than others, so GX cards from certain sets may be worth more than those from others.

What does EX and GX mean in Pokemon cards?

In the Pokemon Trading Card Game, both "EX" and "GX" refer to special types of Pokemon cards that typically possess higher stats and more powerful abilities compared to regular Pokemon cards.

  1. EX cards: EX cards were introduced in the Pokemon TCG in the early 2000s and were prominent during the Black & White and XY series. Pokemon EX cards were characterized by their higher HP (Hit Points) and more potent attacks and abilities compared to non-EX Pokemon. When an EX Pokemon was knocked out, the opponent would receive two Prize cards instead of the usual one. EX cards often featured Pokemon in dynamic poses and had a distinct foil pattern.

  2. GX cards: GX cards were introduced later in the Pokemon TCG, specifically in the Sun & Moon series. Similar to EX cards, GX cards boast higher HP and more powerful attacks and abilities. When a GX Pokemon is knocked out, the opponent also takes two Prize cards. Additionally, GX Pokemon can have powerful GX attacks, which are often game-changing moves that can only be used once per game. GX cards are typically identified by the "GX" symbol on the card and are highly sought after by collectors and competitive players.

In summary, both EX and GX cards represent special, more powerful versions of Pokemon in the TCG, with GX cards being the more recent iteration introduced in the Sun & Moon series.

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